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Mulan II (2004)
Time : 79 min
US Gross : $
Rating : PG
Genre : Animation
Cast : Voices:
B.D. Wong
Mark Moseley
Lucy Liu
Harvey Fierstein
Sandra Oh
Gedde Watanabe
Lauren Tom
Jerry Tondo
Pat Morita
George Takei
June Foray
Freda Foh Shen
Soon-Tek Oh
Frank Welker
Jillian Henry
Christopher Lloyd
Director : Darrell Rooney
Lynne Southerland
Rating : 4 stars (out of 5)
Etc. :

Fa Mulan get's the surprise of her young life when her love, Captain, now General, Li Shang asks for her hand in marriage. Before the two can have they're happily ever after, the Emperor assigns them a secret mission, to escourt three princesses to Chang'an, China. Mushu is determined to drive a wedge betwenn the couple after he learns that he will lose his guradian job if Mulan marries into the Li family. After the princesses unexpectedly fall in love with the gang of three, Mulan decides to help them escape the fate of marrying men they do not love, though this contradicts the Emperor's orders and forces him to put Mulan's relationship with Shang into question. They are attcked by Mongolians, and the fate of China hangs in the balance.

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